The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs 2.0

A story about a man, a woman, a goose, and the tech industry.

There once was a man who lived with his wife in a small farmhouse on a hill. They raised some geese in their yard for a living. Every day they would gather the eggs the geese have laid and sell them to the market. It was very hard work, and they did not make much money.

One day as the farmer was gathering the eggs in the yard, he saw something shining on the ground. It was a golden egg! One of their geese had laid a golden egg!

The farmer rushed to his wife and showed her what he found. "A golden egg! Our goose has laid a golden egg!", the farmer shouted.

"We'll be rich!", cried the farmer's wife! "Let's sell it to the market and make lots of money!"

So they sold the golden egg and were happy when they got a lot of money.

The next day, the farmer's goose laid another golden egg. The farmer and his wife danced with happiness. "Another golden egg! We'll be even richer!" So they went to the market and sold the egg for a lot of money. They were extremely happy.

As they were going back to their house, the farmer had an idea. "If the goose lays a golden egg every day, it must have more inside it! We should open it up so we can get richer even faster!"

"You're right, we could get richer even faster!", the farmer's wife replied. "But I have a different idea."

goose.Au raises $500M on the first round of funding

Fowl-based startup goose.Au plans to disrupt the gold markets by scaling up its unique organic gold refining technology...

Five years and 10 billion dollars later, goose.Au declares bankruptcy. The farmer and his wife still have the goose.

Greed soon overreaches itself.
Unless you're a tech startup.
Then you can milk other people's greed for years.
fat4eyes 2018/7/21